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Privacy Law and Data Protection

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Cyber Wofare > Services > Privacy Law and Data Protection

Privacy Law and Data Protection

What does it take to comply with privacy laws?

In this course, we’ll look at the practical aspects of navigating the complex landscape of privacy requirements. Better understanding privacy laws and data protection will enable you to protect yourself and people that depend on your organization to safeguard their personal information.

First, we will examine the historical context that drove the creation of laws, best practices, and other standards for protecting personal information. We will also consider where in the Nigeria privacy laws exist and which sectors remain unregulated. How do you actually put measures in place to ensure compliance and know the scope of the requirements.

We’ll explore the notion that one cannot have privacy without strong security and examine various models that promote the security of personal information. We’ll look closely at breach notification laws – one of the most significant drivers of change in organizations – and discuss strategies for the improvement of data protection overall.

Lastly, we will look at international law, state law, the unique and important role of the Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy and NITDA in protecting privacy. Most importantly, we get practical – we will discuss real-world, practical approaches to how compliance professionals can navigate the complex landscape of privacy requirements to best protect their organizations.


  • Privacy: Legal Issues, Landscape & Chronology
  • We begin our study of privacy and data protection with a brief look at the development of privacy law in Nigeria, Africa, U.S and other parts of the world.
  • Then we examine the Fair Information Principles that provide the foundation of modern privacy and data protection programs.

What is Included

How does a privacy law actually operate? This module looks at privacy and data protection in action, specifically using Nigeria’s Ministry of Communication, NCC as the framework.

What is data protection actually protecting us from? This module looks at the threats to data security and the processes that exist for dealing with a data breach.

As massive privacy breaches continue to happen, more regulatory bodies are taking on privacy concerns. This module examines the important role of the Federal Trade Commission, and concludes with a close look at the General Data Protection Regulation recently passed by the European Union.